Ciciban Canada Limited Warranty Information

Ciciban Canada offers our customers a One-Year Limited Warranty on all Ciciban Canada footwear. Ciciban Canada reserves the right to inspect any shoe for determination of a no cost repair or replacement. We also reserve the right to refuse any claim if it is deemed not covered by this warranty.

Ciciban Canada's One-Year Limited Warranty Covers the Following:

  • Stitching
  • All mechanical hardware – eyelets, hooks, buckles and ornaments
  • Quality of leather – inconsistencies resulting in premature wear patterns
  • C-TEX guaranteed to be waterproof for the lifespan of the product
  • Attachment of soles to upper and of components of soles to one another
  • Durability of outsole – will not deteriorate, crack, or split under normal wearing conditions

Often, a quick trip to your local shoe repair shop is the best way to fix a minor defect.

The Following are NOT Covered under Ciciban Canada's One-Year Limited Warranty:

  • Material failure caused by excessive wear, unreasonable use, exposure to caustic chemicals, extreme heat, sunlight, alterations, or abnormal wear related to misuse
  • Stitching or mechanical hardware failure due to being caught, hooked, snagged or other abnormal wearing accidents
  • Leather not properly treated to keep from drying out or from water damage
  • C-TEX failure due to complete submersion in water or allowing the water to seep in over the top of the footwear
  • Separation of soles or sole components due to being caught, hooked, snagged or cut
  • Normal wear on soles or heels due to individual wear patterns, or heavy wear associated with misuse
  • Poor fit

If you have any questions about our warranty, please contact our customer service team at 888-547-1207